PnP Systems Sp. z o.o.

PnP Systems is R&D company, which has been created to develop hi-technology applications in cooperation with major Polish and an international institutes and organizations. Our strategy is to focus on design and production of dedicated products and applications.

PnP Systems specialization includes:

  • telecommunication systems
  • radio-communication systems
  • communication in Smart Grid networks
  • multisensory systems
  • spectrometers
  • remote sensing
  • analogue and digital electronics
  • geospatial analyses
  • data processing
  • GIS, GMES, satellite images
  • localization systems
  • inertial systems

Its priority is also the monitoring of the policies of the European institutions as well as development in the industrial scene and evaluate their consequences for the Polish energy and space sector. The company’s mission is to promote and actively participate in the development of smart grid and space applications and technologies in co-operation with Polish and international organizations.

PnP Systems is offering wide range of professional services in the area of satellite navigation, satellite imaging, space technology and data analyses. We have a qualified team of engineers with experience in the development of high tech space applications.

PnP Systems provides innovative products and services that enable Power Utilities to benefit from the implementation of Smart Grid networks, and advanced telecommunication solutions (radio and wired) for wide variety of applications for distribution of voice, data and video in a large number of market segments.


PnP Systems Sp. z o.o.
Jasionka 954
36-002 Jasionka


Phone: +48 17 773 69 10

TRIGGER COMPOSITES – mgr inż. Tomasz Maik

Trigger Composites was founded in 2006 and is based in Grodzisko Dolne, Poland. Since its beginnings the company executed many projects for both Polish and foreign clients. Each of these projects allowed us to develop our qualifications and abilities; they helped us to gain experience and expertise in avionics or in construction of Unmanned Aerial Systems, but also in building hovercrafts, environmental protection or manufacturing complex composites structures.


  • designing and manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • designing and manufacturing of composites structures
  • designing and manufacturing of hovercrafts


UAV, UAS, aviation, photogrammetry, motorization, hovercrafts


TRIGGER COMPOSITES – mgr inż. Tomasz Maik
Grodzisko Dolne 800
37-306 Grodzisko Dolne


phone: +48 17 243 00 37

CDG PRO sp. z o. o.

CDG PRO Sp. z o. o. (CDG PRO) is focused on the development of unmanned systems mainly in the area of ​​design, construction and production technology of unmanned flying platforms.


Currently, research work is being carried out in the area of ​​BAL with a hybrid structural system. The designed hybrid is an innovative design that has no equivalent on the world market. So far, preliminary design work has been carried out and one flying technology demonstrator has been built. Design work is carried out using modern CAD, CFD and MES software. CDG PRO, thanks to its technological resources in the form of a plotter, design program, cutting plotter and experience in designing and sewing train kites, plans to undertake research in the field of rescue systems for unmanned aerial vehicles in the future.

Business area

Lotnictwo, konstrukcje lotnicze


CDG PRO sp. z o.o.
36-072 Świlcza 145 B


Telefon: 17 855 46 08

PILC Józef Grzybowski

PILC, owned by Dr. Eng. Józef Grzybowski, started its operations in 1993. The company’s primary scope of activity is designing and manufacturing for the aviation industry in the field of products for civil and military applications, mainly in the area of avionics. This includes developing a series of recorders for aviation applications used in research on unmanned aerial vehicles. PILC’s innovative solutions have been awarded multiple times at national and international exhibitions.


  • Avionics
  • Control and measurement equipment


CC METAL company was established in 2010 as a manufacturer of steel and aluminum constructions for the building industry.


With time, the company expanded its activities, including modern additive technologies. Dynamically developing company can boast of a wide offer including:

  • Production:  parts of steel and aluminum for building industry, wind turbines, metalwork, small-size precise casting, turning, milling and CNC cutting,  MAG and TIG welding of aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel;
  • Design: design constructions for building industry, laboratory and teaching stations, special machines for individual orders;
  • 3D printing: distribution of 3D printers, prototyping, individual and amall production, 3D modeling, reverse engineering;
  • Scientific and research activities: vertical wind turbine,  physical parameters recorders,  mechanical components testing stations, additive manufacturing technologies.

The  CC METAL company, through the use of modern techniques of design and manufacturing, provides comprehensive support and assistance at every stage of the project, from developing the idea, through the execution of the project ending with its completion.

Business area

3D printing, Design,Prototyping, Manufacturing of metal constructions, Metalwork


Tropie 251,
38-100 Strzyżów


Phone: +48 503 014 628

Fotoacc Grzegorz Łobodziński

Fotoacc Grzegorz Łobodziński is a multi-utility company founded in 2013 based on 5 years experiance of the creator in designing and building unmanned aerial vehicles. Main activities of company is design and service of unmanned systems adapted to individual customer needs. Company introduced the original heksakopter X-01 dedicated, among others, to Uniformed Services work.


On a wide range of services of Fotoacc consists:

  • Production and service od unmanned systems
  • Production of promotional and corporate videos
  • Aerial realization (film/photography)
  • Training of candidates to obtain a certificate of UAV Operator


Aeronautics, drones, photography


Fotoacc Grzegorz Łobodziński
ul. Poznańska 2c,
35-084 Rzeszów


Phone: +48 508 967 369

Rzeszowska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A.

The Rzeszow Regional Development Agency was established on May 31, 1993. The goal of RRDA S.A. is to conduct activities serving the comprehensive development of the Podkarpackie region, by focusing and mobilizing the potential of local communities and providing advisory and service activities in the processes of restructuring, initiating, and supporting economic ventures, promoting the region, and obtaining foreign aid funds.


  • Supporting regional development
  • Innovations and technology transfer
  • Advisory services and support for SMEs
  • Providing information to potential investors – support during investment processes
  • Effective use of external funds according to the requirements and needs of the Voivodeship
  • Solving environmental problems, supporting new, ecological technologies

University of Rzeszow

The University of Rzeszow, as the largest higher education institution in the Podkarpackie region, conducts scientific research covering issues related to various fields that influence the development of the region, the country, and contribute to the international body of knowledge.

The university has a professional staff with access to the most modern research equipment gathered in the scientific research centers of the University.


A full list of research centers along with a description of their research and development potential is available on the website

Centrum Naukowo-Technologiczne Systemów Bezzałogowych sp. z o.o.

The Science-Technology Centre of Unmanned Systems is non-profit organization whose mission is development and dissemination of unmanned systems while keeping the safety standards.


  • Research on unmanned systems (including flying, walking, riding, floating, humanoid),
  • Implementation of innovative unmanned systems,
  • Certification of unmanned aerial vehicles,
  • Training of UAV Operators,
  • Coordination and execution of Cluster’s of Unmanned Systems objectives,
  • Organization of reccuring event Dron Show Rzeszów,
  • Organization of reccuring exhibition promoting modern solutions related to unmanned systems,
  • Organization of conferences and seminars related to unmanned systems,
  • Conducting (in cooperation with universities) classes related to unmanned systems for students.

Business area

Aeronautics, research activity


Centrum Naukowo-Technologiczne Systemów Bezzałogowych sp. z o.o.

(Science-Technology Centre of Unmanned Systems)
Ul. Poznańska 2c,
35-084 Rzeszów

Ignacy Łukasiewicz University of Technology

Rzeszow University of Technology has been active in the field of higher technical education since 1951. The university undertakes scientific research and development activities in accordance with the scientific potential of its staff in the fields of science it represents and in accordance with the rights of its basic units.


The university, as an important scientific center in the region, aims to constantly strengthen scientific cooperation with the environment. The priority is to conduct research with companies, so that they are as much as possible adapted to the needs of the economy and that as a result, modern solutions implemented by the industry are created.

  • Expanding scientific cooperation with industry in the field of pro-innovative implementation works and advisory services
  • Conducting scientific research and development work in line with the needs of the economy
  • Developing scientific cooperation with other scientific centers in the country