Centrum Naukowo-Technologiczne Systemów Bezzałogowych sp. z o.o.

The Science-Technology Centre of Unmanned Systems is non-profit organization whose mission is development and dissemination of unmanned systems while keeping the safety standards.


  • Research on unmanned systems (including flying, walking, riding, floating, humanoid),
  • Implementation of innovative unmanned systems,
  • Certification of unmanned aerial vehicles,
  • Training of UAV Operators,
  • Coordination and execution of Cluster’s of Unmanned Systems objectives,
  • Organization of reccuring event Dron Show Rzeszów,
  • Organization of reccuring exhibition promoting modern solutions related to unmanned systems,
  • Organization of conferences and seminars related to unmanned systems,
  • Conducting (in cooperation with universities) classes related to unmanned systems for students.

Business area

Aeronautics, research activity


Centrum Naukowo-Technologiczne Systemów Bezzałogowych sp. z o.o.

(Science-Technology Centre of Unmanned Systems)
Ul. Poznańska 2c,
35-084 Rzeszów