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Cluster of Unmanned Systems is open to new members. A member of Cluster can be a company or an institution/organisation including: research institutions, institutions of business environment, government entities, non-governmental organizations and others.


  • Participation in Cluster projects: events, seminars, conferences and training courses
  • Specialists in various fields which support development of Cluster and its members
  • The synergy of knowledge and experience which is the result of the cooperation of many companies and organizations
  • Perspectives of growth related to the dynamic development of unmanned systems
  • Promotion of Cluster’s members through participation in industry fairs and meetings


  • Get a recommendation from at least 2 members of Cluster of Unmanned Systems,
  • Presentation of entity acceding to Cluster during the assembly of members and Coordinator,
  • Submission of the Declaration of Accession with the Information Card,
  • Payment of the membership fee.


The amount of membership fee depends on the assessment of the size of company carried out in accordance with the Act of 07/02/2004 about freedom of business activity. Information on the amount of fee will be forwarded to interested units at the stage of the adoption procedure to the Cluster.


Universities, non-profit research centers and local governments units are exempt from the payment of obligatory membership fee.



1. Agreement on the establishment and cooperation in Cluster of Unmanned Systems dated October 11, 2015 (PL) [pdf]
2. Cluster of Unmanned Systems Regulations dated April 7, 2016 (PL) [pdf]
3. Member of Cluster of Unmanned Systems Information Card (PL) [pdf]
4. Cluster of Unmanned Systems information booklet (PL) [pdf]