About us

Cluster of Unmanned Systems gather companies interested in development and increasing importance of unmanned systems and also other important areas in development of economic potential of Subcarpathian Voivodeship.

The aim of the Cluster is to create a multidimensional platform for business collaboration, research institutions, government entities and non-governmental organizations.


Cluster of Unmanned Systems was created on October 11, 2015 in Rzeszów under the Agreement on the establishment and cooperation in Cluster of Unmanned Systems between The Science-Technology Centre of Unmanned Systems and the Rzeszow University of Technology, University of Rzeszow, Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, Commune Boguchwała, Fotoacc Grzegorz Łobodziński, WW Group, CC Metal, PILC Józef Grzybowski, MIKOMP Jan Urjasz, Bogaczewicz Film Studio, CDG PRO, TRIGGER COMPOSITES – Tomasz Maik, M.Sc., STAWIL.


The tasks of Cluster of Unmanned Systems is to develop strong cooperation between science and business.

Through this cooperation we want to implement joint science project and commercialize their outcomes. Cluster allows us to create platform of cooperation to connect and use the potential of entrepreneurs, scientific institutions, governments units, non-governmental organizations and business support organizations for promotion and development of unmanned systems in Subcarpathian Voivodeship.

The result of Cluster’s activity is the development and implementation of solutions and products which are innovative and common to all members of Cluster of Unmanned Systems.

Cluster is also a forum which allows develop common positions on important points to the unmanned systems industry and create conditions necessary for the development of research and economic activities.


• stimulating the development of new technologies in the area of unmanned systems,
• develop of international cooperation of Cluster and its members by common promotional activities and participation in international seminars, conferences and workshops,
• initiation, leading and support of projects together with members of the Cluster,
• cooperation between members of Cluster,
• creating a strong position and recognizable brand of Cluster on the area of unmanned systems,
• promoting the dissemination of knowledge base, technology and solutions design to establish and developing scientific and economic relations,
• speed up the transfer of technology in the field of unmanned systems from science to economy and as a result facilitate the commercialization of new technologies and solutions,
• stimulating the growth of the competitiveness of companies, present and future members of Cluster, by giving them access to modern research infrastructure and specialized consulting services as well as results of industrial and development research,
• speed up the development of the Subcarpathian region by creating strong center of science and regional economy cooperation,
• building the synergy through cooperation between members of Cluster on the exchange of knowledge and experience as well as creation, promotion and sales new solutions and products.