PnP Systems Sp. z o.o.

PnP Systems is R&D company, which has been created to develop hi-technology applications in cooperation with major Polish and an international institutes and organizations. Our strategy is to focus on design and production of dedicated products and applications.

PnP Systems specialization includes:

  • telecommunication systems
  • radio-communication systems
  • communication in Smart Grid networks
  • multisensory systems
  • spectrometers
  • remote sensing
  • analogue and digital electronics
  • geospatial analyses
  • data processing
  • GIS, GMES, satellite images
  • localization systems
  • inertial systems

Its priority is also the monitoring of the policies of the European institutions as well as development in the industrial scene and evaluate their consequences for the Polish energy and space sector. The company’s mission is to promote and actively participate in the development of smart grid and space applications and technologies in co-operation with Polish and international organizations.

PnP Systems is offering wide range of professional services in the area of satellite navigation, satellite imaging, space technology and data analyses. We have a qualified team of engineers with experience in the development of high tech space applications.

PnP Systems provides innovative products and services that enable Power Utilities to benefit from the implementation of Smart Grid networks, and advanced telecommunication solutions (radio and wired) for wide variety of applications for distribution of voice, data and video in a large number of market segments.


PnP Systems Sp. z o.o.
Jasionka 954
36-002 Jasionka


Phone: +48 17 773 69 10