CDG PRO sp. z o. o.

CDG PRO Sp. z o. o. (CDG PRO) is focused on the development of unmanned systems mainly in the area of ​​design, construction and production technology of unmanned flying platforms.


Currently, research work is being carried out in the area of ​​BAL with a hybrid structural system. The designed hybrid is an innovative design that has no equivalent on the world market. So far, preliminary design work has been carried out and one flying technology demonstrator has been built. Design work is carried out using modern CAD, CFD and MES software. CDG PRO, thanks to its technological resources in the form of a plotter, design program, cutting plotter and experience in designing and sewing train kites, plans to undertake research in the field of rescue systems for unmanned aerial vehicles in the future.

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CDG PRO sp. z o.o.
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