Agencja Reklamowa Bogaczewicz Grzegorz

We are Advertising Agency offering comprehensive services for promotion companies and institutions in the media. Our company consists of the following sections: Advertising Agency, Studio Film Production, Media House, Studio Computer Graphics, and recently a department dedicated to virtual reality and 360 films and games on mobile devices – Bogaczewicz Interactive. Currently, we are one of the most technologically advanced studios in Poland. We have: movie cameras, digital drones air, camera cranes, lighting specialist, studio bluebox.


We create virtual presentations on special googles (Oculus technology) after application which thanks to sensors installed performing the rotation of the head, automatically we can not only move in the virtual world, but also to watch it in a radius of 360 degrees. We produce commercials, promotional films and feature films. Currently we are the main producer of the film „Hubal”. It tells of a war, and in an effective manner presents a slice of history based in World War II. The brand new activity is the production of computer games and presentations on mobile devices, and the unusual use of drones, eg. in 360 films.

Obszar działalności

Advertising, film production, movies 360, Oculus VR, drones


Agencja Reklamowa Bogaczewicz
ul. Wspólna 2,
35-205 Rzeszów


Telefon: 17 863 66 22